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A weightlifting blog. No cross-fitters allowed. I'm just an average guy with a bad obsession with weightlifting.
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Wow this is so accurate

Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

This is good because there is nothing in my ask. 

(via sounds-of-sanity)

Here is my 2 week 30lb pr at 100kg clean! Haha them beginner gains. I really need to front squat more because my strength in that bottom position and balance is questionable. Nothing strong yet but its a start! 

New Goal!

I want to qualify for Nationals for either the 77kg or 85kg weight class within a year. The qualifying total for 2014 was 203kg. Hopefully I can reach that or further by next year! I’ve only been olympic lifting for a few months but lets do this!

30lb PR in the clean in two weeks!

Wooh hit a 30lb pr in my clean from two weeks ago! Yes haha 100kg feels good. Still beginner gains but whatever. Pumped.

Tore my hands

Fucking tore my hands during snatch deadlift on risers today. Dammit. 

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