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Opinion on what i should do training wise?

Asking anyone out there with experience. So I’ve got about a couple months of actually training the olympic lifts seriously. I did the 4 week Catalyst leg strength program, but then I decided i needed to do the full lifts more instead of just hangs. So im doing the squats from the second 4 weeks, and doing heavy singles at like 90% in the snatch and clean and jerk, which is like 70/95. Do you think that for a beginner, I should continue doing these, or do something else?

Day 5 of no carbs, prepping my body for Keto, before Carb Backloading

Fuck i can’t wait till tuesday to start eating carbs again. This fucking sucks my cleans are super weak and i’m slow and can’t drop under them fast enough to catch them

Never give up!

Literally spent over half an hour trying to catch this snatch today. In the end i got it, my hands hurt and my body hurts and im fucking exhausted. But i totally wrecked that snatch. Bitch.

Carb Backloading Prep Day 3 of No Carbs

Still lifting 2x or more a day. No set program right now, just squatting heavy and snatch and clean and jerking heavy! Also some maintenance bench press shit and accessory. But the whole no carbs thing is really fucking awful. I feel like shit. Just gotta push through this prep though!

Anonymous asked: Any advice to someone who just signed up for an olympic weightlifting club? Like what to expect or anything..? How was your experience when you first started?


Honestly man I’m still just a beginner in olympic weightlifting myself. I mean i just hit a 70kg snatch for the first time, and I only have a 100kg clean. And I’m not in a club yet, I have no coach, and I’ve just been training by myself. So my experience is probably way worse than what you will get at the club haha. I really can’t offer any advice other than to keep your mind open and know that all coaches have different styles and ways of teaching, and just try your hardest to make good lifts. Good luck man, and make some gains!

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